You are invited to join new and old friends for a Fall 2021 offering of the Earth Holder Community's online retreat,


Embodying Racial and Ecological Justice in the Face of the Climate Emergency

We will explore the interconnection, the intersectionality, the interbeingness of ecological-social-racial justice. We will nourish ourselves with Earth-based mindfulness practice, connect with the beauty and safety of the present moment, and gain fresh insight on how to be and do at this time of profound societal and climate disruption.

Continue in the footsteps of Thich Nhat Hanh

"Every one of us can do something to protect and care for our planet. We have to live in such a way that a future will be possible for our children and our grandchildren. Our own life has to be our message."

The World We Have, Thich Nhat Hanh, 2008

What to Expect

You'll enjoy six weeks of insightful talks, Earth-based mindfulness practice assignments, and online community gatherings

BIPOC and White-Led Dharma Offerings

In weekly Dharma presentation videos, Black-Indigenous-People of Color (BIPOC) and White-led teaching teams will explore how the environmental and climate crisis does not affect us all in the same way and help participants cultivate healing, liberation, and allyship for our collective survival.

Earth-Based Mindfulness Practices

Teachers will assign new Earth-based practices every week to support daily mindfulness for personal transformation and growth. We ask participants to devote a minimum of 20 minutes each day to these practices.

Live 90-Minute Online Sharing with "Dharma Families"

Saturdays (October 2nd - November 6th, 2021 at 11AM EST / 3PM GMT), you'll join retreatants from around the world online to share joys, difficulties, and questions relating to the teachings and practices.

At registration you'll indicate "family" (break-out group) preferences. NOTE: if you're seeking cultural refuge, THIS IS IT offers BIPOC-only and White-only options for cultural sanctuary.

On Sunday November 7th, there will be a live going forth interactive panel with retreat faculty!

Plus you will:

Set Personal Intentions

This course will guide you in a process of looking into your deepest aspirations, clarifying your intentions, and selecting actionable next steps to further embody racial, social, economic, and environmental well-being.

Explore Additional Resources

You are invited to deepen your study of THIS IS IT retreat themes by exploring additional videos, films, articles, books, and websites suggested each week by your teachers.

Engage with Peers

Registration includes membership in the Earth Holder online communication platform--Basecamp. Here you will continue to make Earth Holder friends, cultivate understanding, and participate in conversations of consequence.

Many Voices Deepen Knowing

Lay and monastic Plum Village teachers from diverse cultures and histories will explore these themes:

Week 1 (Sept 26): Cultivating Wise/Right Earth Justice View,

with Kaira Jewel Lingo and John Bell

Week 2 (Oct 3): Healing and Transforming Racism and Social Inequity,

with Sandra Kim and Nomi Green

Week 3 (Oct 10): Healing Grief, Despair, Fear, and Powerlessness,

with Renuka Bhakta and Jassy Denison

Week 4 (Oct 17): Nurturing Earth through Community,

with Sr. True Vow and George Hoguet

Week 5 (Oct 24): Earth Ethics,

with Brian Kimmel and Stephanie Knox Steiner

Week 6 (Oct 31): Right Action and Earth Justice,

with Aurora Leon and Br. Phap Man

+November 7: Going Forth--A live panel discussion

with our teachers

(Previously recorded lessons will be available for viewing on the dates listed. View them during the week as your schedule permits.)

THIS IS IT includes live, online Dharma Sharing every Saturday from October 2nd to November 6th at 11 am Eastern/3 pm GMT. NOTE: there will be a live, panel discussion with retreat faculty on Sunday, November 7th.

Want to Learn More?

In this video, Earth Holders Clear Grace and Heather Lyn Mann talk about

who should attend THIS IS IT AGAIN and how the retreat works.

What THIS IS IT AGAIN Teachers are Saying

Testimonial One

Sister True Vow, Instructor

"This retreat is a wonderful way to bring together and support the aspirations of so many Earth-Holders. These opportunities for shared connection and collective endeavor are exactly what we need to move towards a sustained revolution of consciousness and action."

Sandra Kim, Instructor

"As our governments prove their lack of desire and inability to address climate change, climate anxiety, fear, and anger is growing amongst us - appropriately so. However I don't want these feelings to lead us to numbing out, feeling overwhelmed, or lashing out. We need a relevant framework and concrete practices to help us become more understanding of our global crisis, grieve the oppressive history of how we got here and its impact on us now, and be called forth into appropriate action as an individual and as a collective. This online retreat aims to do just that - and not a minute too late!"

John Bell, Instructor

"What makes this THIS IS IT so interesting and unique is the inclusion of many diverse voices in the team of teachers—Black, Indigenous, People of Color, White, practitioners from across the gender and age spectrums. Eco-dharma in many colors!”  

Retreat Costs: What Else You Should Know About THIS IS IT AGAIN Pricing

We practice Dana.

Plum Village teachers offer the Dharma for free. The retreat registration costs are low because the teachers receive no compensation for their time or wisdom. It is their practice to share their gifts freely and generously. We invite each student, therefore, as you are able, to consider giving generously in return by making a financial gift to the teachers. This is not a typical trade of money for service. Instead, this is a beautiful opportunity for the shared mindfulness practice of giving freely and generously from the heart.

Scholarships are available.

Retreat organizers especially encourage black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC), LGBTQIA+, young practitioners (ages 18-35), and additional marginalised identities to attend. No one will be turned away. Please email [email protected] and help us understand why you need to offer a different amount and we'll reply with specific registration instructions.

The EHC is committed to equity and making THIS IS IT 3 accessible to all practitioners around the globe. We recognize that our current price tiers reflect a middle-class income set in US dollars, which may not be availed by the majority of peoples throughout the world. Our option for scholarships is dedicated especially to students and the youth, those without regular income, and friends across the global South. If the prices listed hinder you from attending the retreat, we encourage you to contact us so we can together set a fee that allows you to participate.

The Earth Holder Community is a Mindful Earth Justice Initiative in the

Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism. Learn more here.